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Big Local

Wormholt & White City Big Local

Wormholt and White City is one of the 8 wards in our Area of Benefit.

The Charity match funds the Wormholt & White City Big Local, £100kper annum over 10 years, an arrangement which is unique amongst the 150  Big Locals nationally.

Each Big Local area receives £1 million National Lottery funding over 10 years, which residents themselves are in charge of spending in ways to improve their community.

The Charity’s funding means double that amount is available to residents of Wormholt and White City, who with the support of the Charity have already made a big impact in their own neighbourhood.

Two of the Charity’s trustees sit on the Partnership Board which oversees the Big Local which has a majority of local residents, with two residents sharing the chairing role, and our Head of Community Partnerships provides hand on  support.

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