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Previous Grants

Grants Awarded January 2017

Organisation Amount Purpose
Leaf Education £9,400 To run a programme of ESOL classes for local women
HF Arts Festival £4,000 Taking Arts to the People – a series of participatory workshops for local people linked to the annual Arts festival
West London Football Club £6,000 Football training and participation in a league for people with serious mental health conditions
Transgenerational change £10,000 Towards the costs of a Family Group at Old Oak primary school
London Sports Trust £14,900 For a programme of sports based healthy activities for young people and families, lifeskills activities, a volunteer development programme, youth forum and community festival on the Edward Woods Estate
Lyric Theatre £5,000 Towards the cost of the Evolution Festival celebrating young peoples’ theatre.
Mencap £8,000 Towards the cost of the Safety net programme for young people
Soup4lunch £16,000 To develop a community café linking growing and cooking projects in a cluster of sheltered housing schemes
Anti Tribalism Movement £5,000 For workshops in local secondary schools linked to the Don’t Judge, Don’t Label campaign


Grants Awarded October 2016

Organisation Amount Purpose
Nubian Life £10000 Towards the cost of the Valuing Independence Project for isolated older people
Shepherds Bush Family Centre £25000 Towards the cost of the office manager
Grove toddlers group £3500 For the costs of hall hire
Grove Folk Art Group £1200 To keep fees affordable
Law Centre £10000 To pilot a service run from the Hub in White City
New Youth Generation £3000 For a programme of basketball sessions at Phoenix school
Glass Door £5000 Towards the costs of running a monthly cold weather shelter at Ravenscourt Methodist Church
Lunch Club for the Blind £2000 For the costs of transport to the weekly lunch club
Flying Gorillas £7000 For the “bite my skype” dance project on the Edward Woods Estate
Family Friends £8000 To support a programme of volunteer mentoring and befriending with families in the AOB
Lido Foundation £9000 Towards the costs of the weekend supplementary school


Grants Awarded May 2016

Organisation Amount Purpose
silver screen film club £3000 Towards the costs of a weekly film show and  lunch for older people in the Shepherds Bush area
Koestler Foundation £3000 To create a publicly accessible gallery space for the display of prisoners’ art
Art west Open Studios £1000 Towards the costs of the annual open studios event
Anti Tribalism Movement £6000 Towards the cost of a lead and be led course
Old Oak Childrens Centre £8000 Towards the costs of a programme of free summer activities for children in the Old Oak area
Maleeka School £6000 For a project to teach English to local women and to encourage the sharing of cultures
Lido Foundation £15,000 For the employment of an office manager to support two organistions
White City Youth Theatre £5000 Towards the running costs
Old Oak community organiser £15,000 For the second year
Age UK £4000 To match fund the upcycling workshops programme for older men
Solidarity Sports £7000 Part funding of an administration worker
Play Association H & F £10,000 For additional capacity for children with complex needs from our AOB on the holiday play scheme


Grants Awarded January 2016

Organisation Amount Purpose
Wheelchair accessible swing £2,300 Towards the cost of a swing which can be used by children with disabilities in Wormholt Park.
Protection Approaches £10,000 For a programme of work using photography to give marginalised young people a voice
Team Up £6,000 Towards the cost of a mentoring/tutoring programme in Phoenix School involving undergraduates working with Year 11
H & F Foodbank £8,000 Towards the cost of the manager’s salary
St Paul’s money advice £10,000 For running costs
Doorstep library £5,000 To provide a programme of volunteer led in home reading sessions with families with young children in Old Oak
City Mission £5,000 For a programme of ESOL classes
Lyric £6,000 For the pre- start course
Flying Gorillas £7,000 For a programme of arts activities with gypsy traveller children and others
Original club £3,000 To cover the rent for this taekwondo club
Community champions £10,000 For a programme of action research with young people on the Edward Woods Estate
East European Advice Service £8,000 For a drop in peer support advice project

Grants Awarded October 2015

Organisation Amount Purpose
Family Works 11,000 Towards the costs of running a family group programme in Old Oak primary school
Cara Trust and River House Trust 15,000 For a series of workshops and related activities to support people with HIV/AIDS into training and employment
Grove toddlers group 3,500 Support for annual running costs
Petit Miracles 10,000 To enable local entrepreneurs to be offered sales space, mentoring and other support
Glass Door 5,000 Towards the operational costs of providing a cold weather night shelter in three Hammersmith churches
Dance West 3,840 For a programme of contemporary dance with older people
Mind 15,000 For a pilot programme of work with secondary schools to promote good mental health amongst 13 – 16 year olds.
Maleeka School 2,500 To support the provision of English Language classes for women
The Upper Room 5,000 Towards the costs of the meals service
St Katherine’s Taekwondo Club 1,500 For free memberships for children and free white belt assessments
Anti Tribalism Movement 5,00 Towards the costs of a further Lead and Be Led programme for young Somali men
Bush Theatre 1,500 Ticket subsidy for a community production
Grove folk art group 1,000 To enable subscriptions to remain affordable and to allow the class to continue on a drop in basis

Grants Agreed January 2015

Organisation Amount Purpose
Lunch Club for the Blind 1500 Towards the costs of a weekly social club for blind people
Art West Open Studios 1000 Support for an open studios event to promote community in a largely industrial area of the AOB
Community Education Forum 5000 For a project (“Dusting for Gold”) tackling domestic abuse in the Somali community
Al Ansar FC 3000 Funding for pitch fees and other costs associated with a youth football programme targeted at the Somali community in White City
Action on Disability 14000 For an inclusive youth club for 16 – 25 year olds based at the Masbro Centre, offering D of E, and volunteering opportunities.
Lido Foundation 8000 To cover the costs of sessional tutors for the second year of the supplementary school
Good Effort For Health and Wellbeing 6400 To cover the costs of a project worker for a project based in White City to raise awareness of and undertake individual casework on issues around FGM
White City Youth Theatre 5000 Towards the running costs of this group
River House Trust 7000 To continue the advice service offered to older people with HIV/Aids.
Pain Free Living 5000 For nerve reflexology treatment for older people experiencing chronic pain and living on or near the Edward Woods Estate
Chicken shed/Masbro 3000 For a programme of interactive performance, rhyme, songs etc for very young children and their parents
Solidarity Sports 4000 To enable the participation of disadvantaged children from our AOB in a residential adventure holiday on the Isle of Wight
Old Oak Childrens Centre 6600 To fund two weeks of a proposed five week summer holiday programme for children aged 5 – 12.

Grants Agreed January 2015

Organisation Amount Purpose
Sudanese Association 2800 For the costs of running a youth club in White City
Amici Dance Company 3000 For workshops with Ellerslie Road Day Centre, the Youth Offending Team and Mencap as part of the 35 Outreach drive project
The Whole Picture 1800 To provide coaching in “Switch” to children at the Ark primary schools during their structured playtimes.
St Paul’s Money Advice 15000 Towards the Centre Manager’s salary
Family Friends 6000 For a programme of parent befriending in Hammersmith
Anti Tribalism Movement 10000 Towards the cost of a lead and be led programme
Bush Theatre 5000 For a programme of work with boys and young men involved in sports clubs associated with the production of Royale
Solidarity Sports 6000 To support a new project to introduce disadvantaged children and their families to the opportunities and facilities of the city they live in.
Age UK h and F 4000 Towards the costs of a project training older men in upcycling skills and providing a voluntary handyman service to combat their isolation
Live without Pain 2500 A start up grant for a social enterprise providing massage and other alternative therapies for people in long term pain in the Edward Woods area
White City Moroccan Association 7000 Towards the costs of running a supplementary school in White City on 4 evenings per week
Shepherds Bush Family Centre 20000
20000 (over two periods)
a) Towards the cost of the playgroup

b) Towards the cost of an admin worker

East European Advice Centre 12000 For a project to provide advice and support to late middle aged East European migrants
Soup4lunch 3200 For a food growing/social lunch project based in Askham court sheltered housing to reduce isolation

Grants Agreed October 2014

Organisation Amount Purpose
Petit Miracles Interiors 5000 To develop units for start up entrepreneurs to sell their wares
Flying Gorillas 7000 For a programme of dance particularly targeted at children living on the traveller site
Doorstep Library 7213 To provide a volunteer led service taking books to childrens homes in Old Oak
London Sports Trust 7000 For 40 weeks of community sport in Old Oak and 20 in each of Hammersmith and Edward Woods
Pioneer Way Tenants Association 3000 To support the re-formation of the regular social events programme
Mary Secole House 3000 Towards improving the garden and social areas
Rampage Holidays 3000 Towards the costs of maintaining the office
Sobus 15000 To employ a community organiser in Old Oak for one year
West London Churches Homeless Concern 4000 Towards the cost of casework support for night shelter users
Grove Toddler Group 1500 Towards the running costs of this group
Advice Station/H and F Law Centre 4000 Towards the costs of running a borough wide advice forum
Irish Repertory Theatre 4000 To make a film with members of the Nubian Life Group
Urban Partnership Group/Bridging the gap 2500 For a course at Burlington Danes for children and their parents to explore moving into adolescence together
Greenhouse 2000 Towards the cost of an inclusive swim club for children with learning disabilities
White City Play 11546 To support the salary of a senior playworker to enable the organisation to offer open play sessions and to develop other initiatives
Inside Out 6300 To provide emergency accommodation for prisoners on the mentor programme following release
Grove Folk Art Club 1000 Towards the costs of running a drop in art club for people experiencing social isolation and mental health issues

Grants Made June 2014

Organisation Amount Purpose
White City Youth Theatre 8000 Towards running costs for one year following the group becoming independent.
Bishop Creighton House Mentoring Plus 8560 Support for a literacy project including monthly workshops and weekly tutorials for young people with learning disabilities
The Wilde Foundation 4000 For a pilot “Free to be me” programme to train community ambassadors to signpost women at risk of domestic abuse to agencies able to offer appropriate professional support.
Hammersmith and Fulham Food Bank 8000 Towards the salary costs of the coordinator for one year.
Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre 10300 Funding for the second year of a one session per week “pop up” advice shop in our AOB offering legal case work, self help packs, advice on line and a hardship fund for travel costs to court etc.
Kenmont Primary School £12,500 For the second year of a three year programme of Family groups supporting families whose children are at risk of under performing at school due to a range of issues.
Solidarity Sports £6,000 1. To enable 20 children to visit the Isle of Wight on a PGL adventure holiday
2. To develop and deliver a bespoke induction course for volunteers working with the summer activity programme.
Sulgrave Club £6,000 Second year funding for the junior youth club on Saturday afternoons.
Old Oak community Centre £9,000 Towards the cost of a programme of summer and Autumn activities for 7 – 12 year olds
Urban Studies Centre £2,000 For work with two primary schools to enable the children to explore their local environment and develop a “Discovery trail” for themselves and others.
Lyric Theatre £3,000 To fund places for 3 disadvantaged young people from our AOB on the “Future Fest” programme which will celebrate the opening of the new Reuben wing for community and youth work.
Notting Hill Housing Trust £520 To cover the additional costs of an information day for young people living in the Trust’s supported accommodation on Uxbridge Road and for other vulnerable young people in the local area.
River House Trust £7,000 To enable the Trust to employ a specialist advice worker to work with clients with HIV/Aids one day per week for one year.
Anti Tribalism Movement £10,000 To contribute to the costs of refurbishing and equipping a community centre in Lime Grove which will then be available for local community groups at an affordable rent; some hours will be available for HUC to give to groups at no cost.
Inspire Foundation £7,450 For the delivery of modules from the “Sorted” programme of life skills for young people aged 14 – 19 over the summer at Edward Woods Community Centre, the Masbro Centre and Sulgrave/Addison Youth clubs.
The Harrow Club £10,000 For a programme of summer activities for young people aged 13 – 19 in the Old Oak area. The programme will lead to accredited awards.

Grants Awarded January 2014

Organisation Amount Purpose
Tendis £15000 Towards the costs of providing employment support for parents in the Shepherds Bush area who are unemployed, under employed or at risk of unemployment.
Ark Bentworth £2000 To pay for a walking bus route to help children arrive at school on time.
Community Education Forum £10000 For a project to provide a range of activities and services including peer mentoring for young people in Feltham or at risk of being sent to Feltham – in partnership with the chaplaincy service.
Good Effort for Health and Wellbeing £5000 To organise a series of community meals prepared by Somali women to encourage the participants to become more involved in their communities and to engage other members of the community in celebrating Somali cuisine.
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association £6000 Towards the costs of two greening projects – at St Katherine’s Church and Pioneer Housing for Women – and to support the development of partnerships with local NHS organisations.
Lido foundation £12600 Towards the costs of running a supplementary school offering English, Maths, science and homework support to primary school children at Wood Lane community centre.
Palingswick House £3000 To contribute towards the cost of producing a short film to promote a course providing training for local young people potentially leading to jobs in roles allied to the film industry.
St Paul’s money advice £20000 Towards the cost of the centre manager’s salary.
Whole Picture £6000 To provide a two week programme of activities for children in sport and performing arts at Easter from Ark Bentworth and to buy some equipment.
Vince Hines Foundation £5000 For a series of workshops to support young people and their families from African and afro Caribbean backgrounds
Anti tribalism movement £6000 A series of workshops to support young people from the Somali community to integrate fully into the local community and to reduce the attraction of gangs and crime.

Grants Awarded October 2013

Resurgo Trust £15000 Towards the cost of the Hammersmith Spear course leader
White City Youth Football Club £2000 To support the club in maintaining its children’s teams, participating in the league and building a new cohort of volunteer coaches
Shepherds Bush Families Project £25000 Towards the costs of the playgroup
Domestic Violence Intervention Project £10000 To pilot filial therapy as a tool to improve family relationships with children living in families affected by domestic violence in Hammersmith
West London Churches Homeless Concern £5961 Towards the costs of the case-working service supporting users of the night shelters
London Skills Academy £8000 To support the costs of an employment preparation course for young people from our AOB (Area of Benefit)
West London Moroccan Widadia £5000 Towards the costs of a supplementary school in White City
Play Association Hammersmith and Fulham £9000 To provide pop up play sessions for children in Askew ward
FC Brotherhood £1000 To support the costs of participating in a competitive league
Youngstars £4000 To provide a programme of arts, dance and sport for young people at the Edward Woods community centre
Original club £4000 To support the costs of providing Taekwondo classes on the Edward Woods estate
UR4driving £7000 Towards the costs of a project providing driving lessons linked to community service for young people involved in the criminal justice system
The Whole Picture £1000 For a week of sports and other healthy activities for children at Ark Bentworth school


Grants made June 2013

Grove Neighbourhood Centre Folk Art Group £1308 To pay the rent and contribute to materials for this long standing community art group. The group is facilitated by a professional artist and provides an art class aimed at older people which encourages social interaction, is accessible to anyone interested whatever their level of ability but which encourages participants to take their art seriously. Many of the participants have mental health problems, are isolated and on low incomes. A resident of JBH is a leading member of the group.
Grove Parent and toddler club £2000 Towards running costs to allow the group to keep charges affordable and to provide some financial security. This is a long running toddler group, one of few still operating in the area. It operates on 3 days/week, providing an important source of social stimulation for carers and children alike.
Petite Miracles Interiors £3775 Towards the cost of tools and equipment. This is a new social enterprise, recycling old furniture into unique “pieces” with considerable added value which are created and sold in a shop in the W12 shopping precinct. The project provides training in interior decoration and furniture rediscovery particularly for women. It is developing as a social hub, valued by local people who are “excluded” for various reasons.
St Katherine’s Taekwondo Academy £8500 Towards the cost of rent, childrens memberships, school workshops and white belt assessments. This is a large club primarily serving the White City Estate. It has developed an active membership amongst a wide range of ages and across both genders. Young people develop skills, a positive attitude and a sense of success.
Kenmont Primary School £3000 To pay most of the costs of participating in the Year 5 residential for 13 children at Kenmont primary school. Year 5 has a particularly high number of disadvantaged children whose parents cannot afford the cost of this trip with its well established educational benefits. The high numbers involved mean the PTA cannot cover the costs for all of them and without their participation the trip loses much of tis value for the remaining children.
Bush Theatre £13000 To fund a part time education and outreach worker; to pay the costs of the Bush supporting the White City youth Theatre and commissioning a new play with them and to contribute to the costs of subsidised theatre tickets for people who have not visited the Bush before.
White City Play Project £13805 To enable the White City Adventure Playground to offer free daily unstructured but supported open play sessions for children aged 8 – 15 in every school holiday other than Christmas from summer 2013 to Half term June 2014.
Old Oak community Centre £8795 To enable the Centre to offer a 4 week programme of summer holiday activity for at least 65 children aged 7 – 12 centred on arts, cookery and food growing. To be offered in partnership with the Whole Picture (see below)
Shepherds Bush Cricket Club; “The Whole Picture” £6000 For the costs of running a sports programme alongside the Old Oak community centre summer programme and for some equipment.
Solidarity Sports £5000 Towards the costs of running a 6 week summer holiday programme for up to 85 children offering sports, healthy eating and family outings. The programme is targeted at children experiencing additional disadvantages including children who are living in refuges or who are from asylum seeking families.
White City Tenants and Residents – White City festival £6300 To enable this year’s White City Festival which is launching the Big Local plan to include a programme of participatory arts activities aimed at a range of ages.
H and F Community Transport £6000 Trustees had previously made available £10000 towards the cost of a new vehicle. This agreement is to transfer £6000 of that provision towards the rental of additional vehicles to meet demand from community groups over the summer period.


Hammersmith and Fulham Mencap £17922 Towards the costs of establishing a peer mentoring scheme for young people with learning disabilities
Sulgrave Club £7020 To set up a specialist junior session two nights per week
Tendis £15000 To provide employment support to parents in the White City area
Chess in schools and communities £5100 To provide chess clubs in three primary schools in the AOB
City Mission Creative Media £7000 For the cost of arts workshops for 7 – 25 year olds, leading to Arts Mark awards
Rampage Holiday Project £5500 For the cost of a tail lift coach to stay with one of the group holidays for people over 50 in the AOB who might otherwise not have a holiday
Family Friends £7000 To enable the charity to provide support for 6 vulnerable families in the AOB, offering mentoring to the parents and befriending to the children.
Hammersmith Play Association £13399 To extend the Anthony Lillis project providing holiday playschemes for children with complex needs encompassing both physical and learning disabilities.
Young stars £2000 To provide an Easter holiday arts programme for children on the Old Oak estate.
Bush Festival £2500 Funding for training in event management skills for the young volunteers who organise the festival
Hammersmith and Fulham Mind £6000 Towards costs of extending a scheme to provide training/work experience for people with mental health problems through renovating the gardens of others with similar difficulties.
West London Moroccan Widadia £5000 Funding for a pilot supplementary school for children aged 8 -16 on the White City Estate for the summer term 2013.
Urban Studies Centre £4920 To pay for the creation of 4 discovery trails created by children from 4 local primary schools and made available for general use.
Active Aspirations £5000 Towards the costs of providing dance classes and event management training for children and young people in White City over the summer holidays
Octavia Foundation £12500 In partnership with the Foundation, HUC is sponsoring one apprenticeship for a young person from our AOB. The grant will pay the salary and training costs for one year.
Kenmont Primary School/School and Family works £10000 To contribute towards the costs of a family group run by the school and School and Family works for 8 vulnerable children and their families
Hammersmith and Fulham Law centre £10000 Towards the costs of a pop up advice shop in Hammersmith one day per week to help local residents prepare for the major changes in welfare rights.
Hammersmith and Fulham Community Transport £10000 A pledge towards an appeal for a new vehicle with a tail lift.
St Paul’s Debt Advice £23000 Support for the costs of employing an operations manager for a second year
Good Effort for health and Well being £3000 Support for community based work with vulnerable women

Grants Approved December 2012 and March 2013

Grants Approved October 2012

East European Advice Centre £12,500 Towards the cost of employing a part time outreach worker to support families with a view to reducing the number of children entering foster care.
Westside Community Foundation £2,000 Towards the cost of training 24 community basketball coaches
Womens Trust £3,000 To provide local counselling for 8 women from the AOB who have experienced domestic violence
Lyric Hammersmith £5,000 To enable one primary school to take part in an educational programme for children in year 5.
Cyrenians £20,000 Towards the cost of employing an employment support worker to provide one to one support to young people living in the hostels in our AOB.
Opportunity For All £5,000 Towards the cost of action research in partnership with three primary schools in the White City area to identify what support might best help children make the transition from primary to secondary school.
Gener8te £2,000 Towards the cost of providing a course for 10 local people to support them in achieving their personal ambitions and in sharing skills.
Old Oak Community Centre £15,000 Towards the cost of providing after school activities on three evenings per week for children aged 5 – 12.
White City Clock Club £4,000 To buy new toys and equipment.
West London Churches Homeless Concern £5,000 Towards the cost of the night shelter and employment support.

Grants Approved March to July 2012

Organisation amount purpose
Spear £21,812 Towards the cost of a centre manager for the 2 centres providing training for unemployed people in our AOB
St Paul’s debt advice £23,000 Towards the costs of an operations administrator to support the administration of the centre
UPG (Big Local) £7,000 To redevelop the Big Local website and run a media project and activity based consultation sessions for young men
Upper Room 4driving £7,000 To provide driving lessons for 5 young ex-offenders
Shepherds Bush Families Project £30,000 Towards the costs of running the playgroup for one year
Solidarity Sports £5,000 Towards the costs of a 6 week sports based summer programme for disadvantaged young people
Phoenix School £3,475 Travel and accommodation costs for 14 young people to visit Duchy college for one week
London Sports Trust £2,310 To run a 10 week Vital Energy course with creche for up to 20 women in Old Oak
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association £7,767 To enhance the training provided for volunteers, expand the “ambassadors” programme and support strategic developments within the organisation
Foundations £7,000 To provide training and voluntary work placements for 15 young women who are NEET

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