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Creative Hammersmith - May 8, 2013

We have been supporting a group of creative writing students from London South Bank University to work with local community groups to tell their stories and write their own poems. Members of the groups have been producing line dancing haikuwork (see our earlier post in April). The students have also been recording their response to the stories they have heard and to what they have seen in Hammersmith. One group has been working with the Irish Community over the last few weeks. Here is one recollection and some photos of the local area which have inspired some haiku

“Growing up in Ireland in the sixties was not at all a ‘bed of roses’. Times were very hard, a house full of children, money was very scarce and our main diet consisted of home produce, (which would be applauded today as five a day).

My father grew his own vegetables from artichokes to turnips, we had a cow which supplied us with milk and my mother churned home-made butter. It was exciting, when the butter was made, we would make it into different shapes and proudly placed them on a fancy saucer. The buttermilk was poured into jugs and bottles and used to make bread and quench the thirsty farmers working in the fields. We never dreamed of buying juice from the shop, we had a cup of milk or fresh spring water from the well on a daily basis with our dinner. For supper (before we went to bed), we would eat sliced home-grown beetroot or porridge.”

Read more of the work produced by students and local people at

And if you want a go, the final group are asking people to write a letter to nature over the next week. Email one to and I will pass it centre haiku

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