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Fundraising Fair Live Streaming at Sycamore House - November 15, 2016

Every year, the Directory of Social Change runs a two day “funding fair” in London. This high profile event offers a wide range of masterclasses and workshops to help smaller charities play the fundraising game more successfully. The sessions are a great introduction to crucial topics – but ticket prices are quite high and of course it takes time to travel there and attend.
This year, we are giving local charities the opportunity to attend this event virtually. We shall be streaming several of the masterclasses and workshops here at Sycamore House. You are very welcome to attend – learn from the sessions and network with others from the local area and see our sheltered housing scheme and gardens.

Friday, 2nd December:
Masterclass Trust fundraising                                     12.00 – 2.15
The power of storytelling                                              2.30 – 3.30
Social media fundraising                                              3.45 – 4.45

Friday, 9th December:
Masterclass beyond the A-Z of proposal writing         12.00 – 2.15
Great fundraising creative                                                2.30 – 3.30
Donor retention and loyalty                                             3.45 – 4.45

You can look up the details of each of these sessions on the DSC website.
RSVP until Monday, 28th November to

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