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Only 8 Flats Left for Letting at Sycamore House - August 6, 2012

We are pleased to report that we only have 8 more flats at Sycamore House to let. At the beginning of April this year we had 26 flats to let, 12 of which were allocated to the Council.

Over the months the number of flats to let increased to 32 (there have been 5 internal transfers and one of the residents recently passed away). The Council were only able to successfully nominate to 4 of the 12 allocated flats; however, 4 of the residents who had applied directly to us were Council tenants.

At the next Admissions Committee meeting on 17th August, we anticipate interviewing 4 prospective applicants; an ‘open day’ is being organised on 23rd August for some of the Old Oak Housing Association tenants, who we know will be ‘wowed’ by Sycamore House; this is the reaction we get from everyone who comes to the scheme.

HUC’s schemes have been described as ‘the Waitrose of sheltered housing’ and even a ‘5 Star hotel’.

Rita Nath-Dongre
Housing Manager

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