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Directory of Local Groups

Basic Data

group name contact activities client groups geog area
Community Education Forum Amina Osman support for young people H and F
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association Cathy Maund Gardening, eco therapy, Environmental conservation, Family learning, schools projects All ages disadvantaged, excluded groups H and F Neighbouring boroughs
Solidarity Sports Sean Mendez sports, arts, cooking, trips 5 – 11 year olds Tri borough
Family Friends Flora Taylor Befriending and mentoring for families. support in returning to work Families with children up to 16. Volunteer outreach H and f and RBKC
Tendis Rob Pusch Employment support Parents in HUC area of Benefit People living, working or studying in H and F
Crosslight St Paul’s debt advice Stephan Wiedmer Debt advice. Budget coaching. Anyone with financial problems Mostly H and F


Group referral criteria waiting list charges looking for onward referrals?
Community Education Forum Yes for supplementary school
HCGA Interview No No Yes, other volunteering opportunities
Solidarity sports No No No
Family Friends Preventative service. No high risk families No No Yes to a range of other opportunities
Tendis No No No support with eg benefits
Crosslight St Paul’s debt advice No 1 – 4 weeks No Employment. Legal aid. Family and other therapy

Volunteers & Resources

Group need volunteers? involve vulnerable volunteers? training available? resources available to share? need resources?
Community education Forum Yes. Tutors, mentors, admin No Meeting space in White City
HCGA Yes Yes, to some extend One-off workshops Meeting space in Ravenscourt Park glasshouses
Meeting space at Phoenix school farm
gardening equipment
landscape maintenance for a fee
Solidarity sports Yes to support holiday projects Sometimes one day induction course
Family Friends Yes, mentors and befrienders No No. Training is only available for own vols
Tendis Yes Yes No No funding
Crosslight St Pauls’ Yes. debt advisor, case manager, admin, befriending Yes for admin roles Basic training in budgeting money course Money course see

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