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John Betts House

We offer grants to organisations working to prevent or relieve hardship or distress in our Area of Benefit. We offer small grants (worth up to £7000) for specific time limited activities and main grants for more substantial projects. Our trustees currently have a particular interest in projects working with vulnerable young people or children, including those which tackle unemployment. They are also interested in social enterprise. We are keen to discuss ideas informally with potential applicants.


I am quite content living here. I enjoy the lovely gardens.


I feel very safe living here. There is plenty going on here. The warden is very nice. The people here are also very nice.


I appreciate living in JBH – the feeling of security is re-assuring, the garden is lovely, and the recent and on going refurbishments add to the overall surroundings. It is a very pleasant place to be.


I am very happy here and have been for the seven years that I have been here. I am pleased with the decorations that I have had done and find Jill a very pleasant warden.


I have lived in JBH since January this year and I find myself in a very fortunate situation that this is so. I could not wish to live in any better accommodation and I hope to be here for the remainder of my life.


My name is Doris, I am 92 years old and I have been living here for 7 years. I am very happy here; it is very peaceful and quiet and I feel very safe and secure. We have a lovely garden to sit in during the summers in the winter my flat is lovely and warm. The warden is very helpful and friendly as are the other residents


I love my flat. I love the garden. The other residents are friendly and we have some good social events. The staff are very helpful and it is reassuring to have someone to call on in emergencies, or if urgent repairs to the building are needed.


From the time I moved into JBH I have loved it and all the people and wardens have been wonderful. I have never regretted moving into JBH I love it here.


We are a friendly group of people and have a rather nice communal garden. We also have space on our balconies for plants (even tomato plants)


Living in JBH is an absolute joy. To me it is an oasis in a very harsh world. I live in comfort with wonderful company and beautiful gardens to admire every day. What more could I possibly want.


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