Celebrating the value of community organisations through film

Helping community organisations bring their extraordinary work to life through visual storytelling and film-making.

To help community organisations bring their extraordinary work to life, Hammersmith United Charities has launched a project called community@hammersmith. Story-telling and film-making experts have been sharing their knowledge with local charities, giving them the skills to create a dynamic film that demonstrates their impact.

“Community organisations form the backbone of social change in Hammersmith,” said Hammersmith United Charities Chief Executive Victoria Hill. “They work in the most deprived areas, are run by local people and are particularly good at reaching people who are isolated or disadvantaged who may not be able to seek help from the state or a larger charity. But the work they do is sometimes difficult to explain, perhaps because it is complex or involves a subject matter that people find hard to talk about.

“The aim of community@hammersmith is to help some of the local charities we support to tell their story to the people that matter to them – potential beneficiaries, volunteers, funders or staff – by making a short film about their work.”

Eleven local organisations expressed their interest to be considered for this project by answering “What difference does your organisation make in the community?” with a 90-second video, showing the essential services they offer. From this pool of inspiring submissions, five were selected to join the film-making workshop: Anti-Tribalism Movement, Crosslight Advice, Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre, Shepherd’s Bush Families Project, West London Death Café.

Artist Carolyn Defrin and Dan Massie from creative studio els.tv guided these organisations through the process of creating a professional film. They covered everything from the basics of visual storytelling to bringing storyboards to life with simple filming equipment.

“How we tell stories visually doesn’t always have to be literal,” said Carolyn Defrin. “I love close-ups and colour and alternative angles. Seeing a bird’s eye view of cakes being made or a close-up of a child’s green-painted hand – these images and perspectives invite us in emotionally, personally and memorably.”

The five groups faced this creative challenge with enthusiasm and resourcefulness, and Hammersmith United Charities is delighted to present the first short film born from this project from West London Death Café, where people gather together for cake and tea and to discuss death to help make the most of life. “Making the film during total lockdown was challenging”, said Emily Engel from West London Death Café, “but interviewing people on Zoom and hearing their various reasons for appreciating the Death Cafes was fantastic.”

“We hope that everyone in Hammersmith will enjoy these films and feel the same pride we do in the good work being done in their community,” said Victoria.


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Hammersmith United Charities Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with Government advice, Hammersmith United Charities has invoked our Business Continuity Plan and implemented a new operating model focussed on keeping the residents of our Almshouses, our team, contractors and partners safe and well during the Coronavirus pandemic. (more…)

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National Compost Week

15 - 21 March 2021

Composting is the recycling of plant and food waste material into decayed organic matter. This can then be used in various forms in the garden and when applied, enriches the soil and plant health.

This week a layer of garden compost has been added to the allotment plots at John Betts House garden, in preparation for the growing season ahead. This ties in with National Compost Week, a good opportunity to remind ourselves of the many benefits of using compost in our gardens. Please see some key tips below for reasons to compost in your garden:

  • The organic matter in compost is a source of food for the organisms in the soil.
  • The organic matter in compost opens up the soil, creating bigger gaps for air and water to move around – this is good for soil structure.
  • As the organic matter decomposes, it releases nutrients into the soil.
  • Adding a layer of mulch to beds, borders and allotments suppresses annual weeds and weakens perennial weeds.
  • Composting is an environmentally friendly process using organic materials.

Composting is recommended for most sized gardens, and can be done in a number of ways to accommodate the size of the garden. We highly recommend this gardening activity and have put together a list of websites that provide useful further information on how to compost:

Find out more about our sheltered housing

With award-winning communal gardens, our friendly and affordable sheltered housing helps residents live independently for as long as possible.

We have flats available now for older people from Hammersmith. Talk to us on 020 8600 0650 / 07733 842 574, email info@hamunitedcharities.com or read more here.

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Welcome to our latest newsletter

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Hammersmith United Charities newsletter - read on for some good stories from the heart of Hammersmith.

You’ll find out about the extraordinary work being done by the community organisations we’re funding; meet the people who live in our almshouses; and learn about the action we’re taking to create change in our community.

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Fundraising for our community

How you can support campaigns for local people in need, from our fundraising partner United in Hammersmith & Fulham

Tech4Kids in H&F: Finding laptops for 1,500 children

1,500 pupils in our borough have been identified as being in urgent need of computers or internet connectivity at home. United in Hammersmith & Fulham has partnered with Hammersmith & Fulham Council and local group Ready Tech Go to launch an ambitious appeal to get every one of them connected.

Whilst the coronavirus crisis has highlighted that many children and young people have been unable to participate in online schooling during periods of lockdown or isolation, they are also less likely to be able to catch up with missed lessons or to complete homework in ordinary times. It also means they are highly unlikely to develop the vital digital skills needed to prosper in later work and life.

We’re aiming to get 1,500 laptops and 500 data SIM card for internet access so all local children have a chance to thrive digitally. You or your organisation can give any amount today:

  • £1500 can ensure 10 of a school’s most disadvantaged pupils do not lose out on digital skills
  • £150 can get a quality laptop to a young person in need of catching up with classes and for homework
  • £20 can get an essential data sim card to a child struggling with internet access
Have any unused tech your organisation would like to donate?

We are also working with Ready Tech Go who collect, wipe, and share old laptops and tablet PCs to get them to Tech4Kids pupils that have been identified as in urgent need. If you are an individual or local company with spare quality digital devices, please contact team@unitedhf.org

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Pedal Back Cycling: Looking for referrals – free refurbished bikes available

The pandemic has made bikes more vital than ever. Many people can’t afford to reach places of employment or safely get to interviews. Or they might be finding it hard to motivate themselves to access outside spaces to boost their mental health and wellbeing. That is why we have partnered with Pedal Back Cycling, to offer professionally refurbished bikes to those in need.

If you are from a local community group working with those on low incomes, you can refer adults including but not limited to:

  • Key workers
  • Care staff
  • Refugees
  • Delivery cyclists
  • Those out of employment

We only accept referrals from non-profit groups working in the borough, and not from individuals.

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Winter Covid Appeal: Raising money to support the community

Many people still need support during the Covid-19 pandemic, including those going through mental health crises, suffering from loneliness and isolation, and at-risk children in need of educational support.

United in Hammersmith in Fulham has launched the H&F Winter Covid Appeal, in partnership with Hammersmith & Fulham Council, to continue to enable local individuals, businesses and foundations across the borough to support those most in need. 100% of funds raised will be donated to groups working with local people who face risk because of coronavirus this winter.

Donate to the Winter Covid Appeal


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January 2021 grants

We gave £120,000 to 18 local organisations in January 2021.

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